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Why People Love To Watch Gameplay Videos

Friday 19 April 2019 at 06:13 am.

Playing games are fun but watching other people play games? You will be surprised how many gamers actually find that entertaining. Whether it may be a real popular online multiplayer role-playing game, a trending gaming app, graph games, or an ordinary puzzle game, there is a gameplay video out there.

What is a gameplay video?

This video is a footage or clip from a video game and its main purpose is to show gamers a certain skill, strategy, or simply how the game should be played. These videos can come with commentaries and tutorials to make it easier to understand, especially for the newbies.

There are a lot of reasons why gameplay videos are trending. Here is a list:

To get an introduction of the game

Before a gamer purchases a game, they usually look for videos about it first. This helps them decide whether they will love the game and if it is worth purchasing or not. Although game manufacturers usually release cinematic trailers introducing their game, characters, and the worlds involved, a real clip of how the game actually works is more useful for a hard core gamer. If you are curious to know more about graph sites, read me.

To learn a strategy or skill

Every game has a goal and it can be frustrating when you can not pass a particular level or chapter of your game. Being stuck for days will usually push gamers to look for tutorial videos on the particularly hard chapter or level for strategies that they can try.

To make better decisions

Some gamers prefer to look at gameplay videos first before they settle for a character or team. Leveling up a character can take months and these players want to ensure that they are putting their time and resources in a good character. There are gameplay videos featuring specific characters that shows off their skills from the start to the end when all its attributes are maxed out.

For camaraderie

The gaming community is an extremely friendly one. Watching videos and leaving comments can instantly turn into a friendship. You may even find yourself communicating with top players who will be willing to give you more tips.