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Thursday 14 June 2018 at 06:10 am.

 If Hollywood is to be believed, then the future looks bleak indeed. These are some of the best dystopian full movies that will make you feel grateful that all you have to complain about is the traffic jam. If you like to watch films online however is not willing to pay top dollar vouchers to streaming websites, try Movie25. They have wide selection of free movies of all genres.

1. Topping this list is the first and sequel of the neo-noir science fiction movie. , the first flick is the quintessential dystopian future using the sequel supplying the perfect follow-up for its protagonist Rick Deckard's fascinating narrative. While the first film was not as well received by critics since the sequel as it was first released, it's managed to maintained a solid cult following and is a licensed preferred among sci-fi fans.

2. Battle Royale (2000)

Place in a not so distant future, the Japanese government has been forced to take drastic steps to suppress the developing delinquency and violence among its youth. Their answer? The Millennial Reform School Act where an entire high school course is randomly selected, delivered to a remote island, and induce to kill each other off until only one remains standing - together with the entire nation seeing the events unfold on national tv. When you have a weak stomach for violence and gore, you might want to operate as far away from this film as possible.

And for people who says that this movie is an Asian version of the more famous movie Hunger Games, then you should keep in mind this movie (as well as the publication from which it had been established ) has existed for over a decade BEFORE Hunger Games also hit on the New York Times' Best Sellers List.