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Simple Start With Amazon FBA!

Saturday 14 April 2018 at 10:41 am.

Are you currently an FBA seller at Amazon? If that's the case, you might have come throughout the term FBA client damaged items inwhich the items was completely ruined by the consumer but then they have decided to send the item back to the seller for some reasons. If so, you may want to think about this again. As stated by the FBA rules and regulations, consumer damaged FBA items areapproved by the customers for reimbursements because their primary priority is to meet the customer so that they will have loyal
client and that they will keep on ordering. community.amztracker.com has various tutorials related to fba customer damaged.

Sellers getting mad
Among the issues with this label as consumer damaged that's making sellers go mad is that the sellers aren't getting any cash in exchange for the items that were damaged by the consumers and they have received no payment for the stated item since the customer has made a decision to deliver it back into Amazon warehouse which is totally something that's truly worth taking note of.

Sellers Attempting to get reimbursements
Sellers are attempting to get reimbursements for the items that they have sent out but it appears that amazon is attempting to receive our of it via their guidelines that they're not accountable for reimbursing things if it's been indicated as FBA client damaged items but only if it has been damaged during the delivery period and that is the problem since why would they allow customers to provide the items they've already damaged back into the sellers?

Customer satisfaction
The response to both of this is that the FBA plan is to satisfy the consumers in general to be able to make the best customer experience in order that in return they will have the ability to come back and just continue visiting Amazon and buying their new things there.