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The Xenon Arc Lamp: A Highly Specialized Type of Gas Discharge Lamp

Sunday 21 October 2018 at 09:28 am.

The arc lamp is a highly specialized kind of lamp that uses gas discharges. It simulates brightness on the level of daylight by producing light through passing electricity through ionized gas at very high pressure. It's brighter than fluorescent, incandescent, and LED lights by a long shot, especially when it's nighttime. It's like a floodlight in lamp for and it uses electronicx gas to make the magic happen. It has applications in filmmaking, when the director requires daylight even at nighttime, and in daylight simulation industries such giving plants their dose of daylight 24 hours a day and the like. These arc lamps are also utilized in theaters through movie projectors as well, which require the brightest of lights for a clear and compelling movie-viewing experience.

Here's The Deal with The Arc Lamp

  • Beneficial Brightness: Movie projectors need to be extra bright in order to showcase and project high-definition films on iMax screens that seem to wrap around a whole theater with their bigness. This allows viewers to capture every detail with their eyes. At the same time, there are now movies running in 60 frames per second as well, so the smoothness of the movement require arc lamps that have sufficient brightness equal to that of daylight almost.
  • Searchlights for the Police: Many police searchlights require floodlights so powerful it can cut through the deepest, darkest recesses of an abandoned building or the densest of forests where criminals can escape. The blinding light can also distract fleeing perpetrators, making them freeze right on their tracks from the exposure of such an intense light. It simulates sunlight effectively without burning down power sources in an instant.
  • A Cottage Industry of Sunlight Simulation: There's also a cottage industry for light simulation that make use of these arc lights for the sake of research in regards to plants and photosynthesis or how daylight can affect the sleeping patterns of organisms. It can also help out those who suffer from SAD or Sudden Affective Disorder during winter, when sunlight exposure for the year is at its lowest.